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Our Vision & Aims

The Brighton Waldorf School is part of an international, independent educational system which has over 1,150 schools worldwide, all dedicated to recognising and acknowledging the unique spirit and talents of each individual child.

Our rich and inspirational curriculum meets the needs of each individual child, integrating an academic, artistic and practical learning culture which balances our pupils’ physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and spiritual needs; allowing them to be a confident young person who can move into life.

Teaching at The Brighton Waldorf School is an art through which our Teachers will respond to the needs of each individual child in a safe and creative way. Our Teachers are dedicated to creating a genuine love of learning within each pupil. They work in partnership with parents to foster the whole development of the child and consciously cultivate qualities such as trust, compassion and an inner moral sense.

We want our pupils to feel part of the community. The multi-cultural and diverse nature of life in Brighton brings the children into regular contact with people from many different backgrounds so, an understanding and consideration of others is not just taught, but experienced.

Our School guides children towards self-knowledge, teaching them clarity of thought and a strength of purpose, developing independent and inspiring individuals who are happy, capable and caring.

At The Brighton Waldorf School, we aim to support, nurture and give your child:
  • • Self-confidence
  • • A love of learning, alongside a stimulating and inspiring learning journey
  • • The ability to work with others
  • • Enduring and practical skills
  • • Open, encouraging and tolerant attitudes
  • • Spiritual freedom
  • • Creativity
  • • Individuality

Our Values

• Creative
• Inspiring
• Stimulating
• Individuality
• Nurturing
• Tolerant
• Independent
• Trusting
• Respectful

Our Mission

At The Brighton Waldorf School, we are dedicated to balancing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each of our pupils in a way that gives them the confidence, resilience and insight to make a positive difference in the community and world around them throughout their lives.

Come and see for yourself

We welcome visitors on our private tours of our School. Please submit your details and our Admissions Team will call you to arrange a time convenient for you.