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Financial Information

Please find a summary of charges applicable to pupils attending The Brighton Waldorf School.

More details are available through our Administration Team via the School Reception (tel: 01273 386300) or via email finance@brightonwaldorfschool.org


• £75.00 for 1st Child
• £35.00 for subsequent Siblings
• £50.00 for all re-applications


Granted applications to join in advance of the academic year attract a £300.00 per Pupil deposit. This is refunded on full payment of the first terms fees.

Granted applications to join during an academic year attract a £600.00 per Pupil deposit. This is refunded on full payment of the first terms fees.


Class 1 to 8 £2,850.00 per term
Class 9 to 10 £2,970.00 per term
Kindergarten 5 Years Plus** £2,130.00 per term
Kindergarten 5 Sessions* £1,500.00 per term
Kindergarten 4 Sessions* £1,250.00 per term
Kindergarten 3 Sessions* £950.00 per term
Early Years Festival Sessions £15.00 per session
Parent & Child £15.00 per session
Parent & Baby £12.00 per session
Afternoon (Lower School) Club £10.00 per hour
Afternoon (Early Years) Sessions £10.00 per hour
Breakfast (Early Years) Club £10.00 per hour

*EYFE Funded Sessions charged at the rate of:
£29.50 per Session

**EYFE Unfunded Sessions charged at the rate of:
£41.50 per Session


Charges are reduced for second and subsequent children at the school simultaneously. Sibling reductions are not offered in conjunction with any other discount.

Kindergarten Siblings 20% of full fee
Main School First Sibling 25% of full fee
Main School Subsequent Siblings 25% of full fee


Materials Charge (per Student) £70.00 per Term

During the course of an academic year pupils may incur extra charges. Depending upon the nature of these items they may be charged either in advance or in arrears.


Examination fees are included in tuition fees. Additional charges may be levied if candidates require a scribe, transcript or a modern language specialist. Other charges may be made in the event of examination retakes and remarks or if pupils are withdrawn from examinations.


Educational Reports / Transfer Reports £20.00 per Report


All extra-curricular activities, educational excursions or trips abroad are to be paid in full prior to participating in the activity. The School reserves the right to exclude a pupil from a residential trip if school fees are in arrears. All educational trips and trips abroad will require a non-returnable deposit in order to secure a place. This may vary depending on the type of trip.


All pupils enrolled at The Brighton Waldorf School must have sufficient fluency in English to enable them to access the learning provided. Where a pupil requires additional language support, the School may provide those lessons at additional cost to the parent/carer.


We are registered with the Local Authority’s Early Years Free Entitlement (EYFE) scheme for some two-year-olds and all three and four-year-olds (based on eligibility). The EYFE applies for the beginning of the term after their 3rd birthday until the end of term in which they are five. Entitlement is 15 hours per week that can only be taken within specific hours and is subject to availability. We do also provide the 30 hours entitlement option dependent on eligibility, subject to availability and to be taken within specific ‘stand-alone’ times.


The Brighton Waldorf School operates a means-tested Bursary Program (Bursary Program Application Form 2019-2020) allowing families on lower incomes to pay lower tuition charges. The Trustees allocate an amount to the Bursary Fund on an annual basis. This fund is distributed at the onset of every academic year.

Access to the scheme is through evidence-based means testing in which applicant families are required to submit details of their financial circumstances. The School endeavours to assist all families who meet our eligibility criteria, but the Program has a finite budget in any particular case. In any event, the award of a Bursary is at the absolute discretion of the School.

Bursaries are provided for the academic year to which application was made and are subject to review for each subsequent year. The level of bursary assistance can vary from year to year. The maximum Bursary available would result in a 25% reduction in fees.

Families living more than 25 miles from the School cannot apply for the Bursary Program and must have lived within 25 miles of the School for 12 months before they are eligible to receive a Bursary.


The Brighton Waldorf School welcomes applications from former student families. Admission is not automatic and is subject to the normal entry assessment but where successful a discount of 5% is given if there are no other concessions or bursaries granted.


All permanent enrolments of Overseas Pupils are subject to the conditions for study in the UK and that the applicant is supported by a relative or legal guardian living in the UK where the applicant is resident. The Bursary Program is not available to Overseas Applicants.


The Brighton Waldorf School provides a Visiting Pupils Network for applicants on a short-term enrolment basis. The Bursary Program is not available to Visiting Pupils.


Parents are required to sign a contract with the School, which outlines the conditions of entry and their responsibilities to the School. By sending children into school, parents signify their agreement to these conditions.


A 1.5% surcharge is levied on all missed payments. If a payment remains outstanding after the end of the month in which it is due the child/children will not be able to return to school until payment is made.

A returned items penalty of £25.00 is charged per effect.


Financial contributions and other applicable charges are invoiced termly in advance. These are payable no later than the first day of the term to which they apply.

Subject to prior arrangement payment can be made in equal monthly payments by standing order spread over a year. These will be payable monthly in advance on the 4th of each month. Where payment is made monthly a 5% administration fee is levied.

Additional lessons are normally charged termly in arrears. All such invoices are due for payment upon receipt.

There is no rebate for periods of absence.


The School requires one full term’s notice of withdrawal, in writing to the School Director, to be received no later than the first day of the child’s last term at the School; otherwise a full-term fee will be charged.


School Fee revisions are normally applied for the academic year starting in September. Where possible changes are communicated no later than the start of the summer term prior. The School will use all reasonable endeavours to set fees which will be applicable during the whole of the academic year. However, the School reserves the right to increase fees at any time during the academic year (particularly as a result of matters outside the control of the School).

Please find detailed below the School’s bank details:

Triodos Bank NV
Bank Account Name: Brighton Waldorf School Limited
Bank Account Number: 20100698
Sort Code: 16-58-10

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