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Early Years 1

Early Years Department

Our Early Years Department is a happy and nurturing environment, which accommodates babies and children up to six-years-old.

We have three Kindergartens which welcome children aged two to six-years-old.  Each Kindergarten has a calm and quiet atmosphere which supports creative play and promotes learning and development.

For families requiring extra provision, we have daily Afternoon Sessions which take place from the end of the Kindergarten day at 1:45pm until 6pm.

How does The Brighton Waldorf Early Years department work?

At The Brighton Waldorf School, we nurture and develop a child’s love of language and communication through stories, songs, rhymes, puppet shows and creative play.

The children’s numeracy skills are developed in play through stacking, assembling, sorting, collecting, gathering, clapping and counting; and creative and domestic activities such as painting and drawing, cooking and sewing allow the children to develop their co-ordination and originality.

Through looking after the School’s garden, planting flowers and vegetables and harvesting their produce, the children learn about the seasons and begin to have a love and respect for the Earth and world around them.

During the Kindergarten years, the vital building blocks for learning are positioned within a reassuring day-to-day rhythm, the yearly flow of seasonal changes and festivals.

Cultural Celebrations

Our Early Years Department welcomes family and friends to the School to enjoy our Cultural Celebrations, which are held throughout the school year. Our Cultural Celebrations are a vital and joyous part of our curriculum and are brought to the children through stories, songs and activities.

Saplings Kindergarten

Children aged 2 years 6 months to 3 years 6 months

The Brighton Waldorf Saplings Kindergarten provides a peaceful and protective environment for children to take their first steps into the ‘World of School’.

Throughout each morning, the children take part in fun, creative play and take part in activities including baking, painting, simple crafts, gardening, singing, games and stories. The children also go on short outdoor walks.

Saplings Kindergarten
8:45am – 1:45pm: Three to five mornings per week

Applications made before 10th March 2019 will be prioritised for September 2019.


Children aged 3 years 6 months to 6-years-old

We run three Kindergarten groups at The Brighton Waldorf School to cater for children aged between three years six months to six-years-old. Our Kindergarten Curriculum is designed to encourage and support a child’s development and help build their confidence, preparing them for their move into the Main School.

Mornings begin with a walk up to the edge of the South Downs, where the children enjoy the views over the City and sea, observe the wildlife and have fun playing games.

The rhythm of the Kindergarten groups gives time and attention to creative play, outdoor time and daily activities, such as wet-on-wet painting, Eurythmy, baking, handwork and crafts. All materials used are obtained from natural sources. For example, brightly coloured beeswax crayons and sheep’s fleece and wood for woodwork activities.

8:45am – 1:45pm: Five mornings per week

Parent & Child Groups

The Brighton Waldolf School – Parent and Child Groups – now taking bookings

Children aged 18 months to 3-years-old

The Brighton Waldorf School hosts three Parent and Child Groups each week.

Parent & Child Groups
9:30am – 12:30pm: Please contact the school of more details

Take time out of your busy week to come and enjoy our quiet and beautiful Parent and Child Groups at the Brighton Waldorf School, where children are nurtured and parents and carers can share their joys, challenges and find peace in a caring and inspiring space.

We follow a similar rhythm as our Kindergartens – free play and craft activity, then tidying away, snack, songs followed by outdoor play and then perhaps a story or simple puppet play. This routine gives the children a sense of security and the parents a gentle insight to Waldorf education.

Simple equipment and toys made out of natural materials are used. Wholesome food is provided at snack time. The groups are a space for parents to share their experiences and support each other and are a highlight of their week.

All parent and baby and parent and child families are invited to our Early Years festivals which mark the passing seasons and offer moments of celebration throughout the year.

Parent & Baby Groups

The Brighton Waldolf School – Parent and Baby Group – now taking bookings

Children aged up to 18 months

Come and join us at our Parent and Baby Group, a place where parents have time in our beautiful, quiet Honeysuckle Room to observe their baby’s development and movements. The Group offers an excellent introduction to the Waldorf approach to parenting and child development and provide an opportunity for parents to meet and support one another and share their parenting experiences. As the children grow and develop, so does the Group and we start some simple seasonal crafting.

All the parent and baby and parent and child families are invited to our Early Years festivals which mark the passing seasons and offer moments of celebration throughout the year.

Parent & Baby Group
10:30am – 12:30pm: Please contact the school for more details

For further details on any of our Parent and Baby / Child Groups, please call 01273 386300 or email: enquiries@brightonwaldorfschool.org

"A child’s imagination is one of their greatest assets. Just like physical exercise helps to strengthen our bodies, our imagination helps our minds to become supple, inquiring and agile. This enables our pupils to see and identify opportunities that arise throughout their life-long journey. That is one of the main reasons our curriculum focuses on and encourages the development of each pupil’s imagination, coupled with a passion for exploration, investigation, creativity and discovery.”

Come and see for yourself

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